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Business Relationships Through Social Media

Social Media Then Back when I first used Facebook in 2007, I really doubted that this tool was going to have an impact on how we do business. Well, years later, we can say that this thing is in full speed. Business people around the world are including Facebook in their efforts to reach more... more

Business Relationship Gone Bad – How to Fix It

Problem Did you ever have to deal with a business relationship that had gone bad? Or are you the type of person that simply runs away when things get bad hoping you never get to see that person again? Indeed, this strategy isn’t so bad in today’s world – there are so many... more

Asynchronous Business Relationships

When we work a regular day at the office, everything happens all at once and everyone heads home once five o'clock comes around. With the arrival of the web, this has changed significantly and now even regular office workers can bring their laptop home to continue their work or update an ongoing... more

How to End a Business Relationship

Ending a business relationship is never easy. We don’t want to put the other person (or an entire group of people) as we put the reasons forward for our departure. As we leave, we must remember that the members of the current team will remain in that environment, as complaining too much might... more


Managing Short Term Business Relationships

Managing business relationships isn't easy to start with. We have examples of that everyday at the office. This isn't really something. However, with the arrival of the web and the changes in today's job market, people are starting to have to deal with a new type of business... more

How to Work Out a Good Business Relationship – Contracts

Contracts are stressful things. More often than not, they dictate how our life is going to be controlled for next couple of days, months or even years. How many times have we hopped into a contract without really considering the long-term consequences, even for something as simple as a cellphone?... more

4 Ways To Survive Retirement During The World’s Financial Crisis

Retirement can be a scary time when you consider the financial crisis going on the world. You are probably worried that you did not save enough money. You might even be mad at yourself for not starting your retirement planning sooner. If retirement is fast approaching, you should not dwell in the... more

Review of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey isn't the most expensive book at $12.14 for the paperback version on Amazon, but it’s certainly worth every dollar and penny. It has been a strong seller and highly regarded book for 25 years and there's no telling when people will say... more

Review of The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

Sales is quite a fascinating field, and also a deceptively useful one. So many people consider it to be boring, but the principles in sales can be applied to just about anything in life, and moreover to any aspect of business to make money. Sales, more often than not, reflect how we relate to each... more

As a Man Thinketh

More often than not, self-help books make you want to just jump off your seat and make money. However, As a Man Thinketh, just like its title would inspire, takes a more analytical and thoughtful approach to the world of success books. It's quite welcomed really, and it's great to see a book that... more

Review of Drive by Daniel H.Pink

Drive might be a self-help book that you haven't heard of yet. However, you shouldn't feel bad about it because it's still pretty recent. It's surely great to read all the classics when it comes to self-help books, but it's no secret that we needed something else for the new century. Drive comes in... more

Review of Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins isn't recognized to be very conventional when it comes to teaching self-growth, but you just have to trust what you read – he has become a strong reference when it comes to self-help and is the number one role model of a lot of people out there. This book, entitled Awaken the Giant... more

Is Retirement Truly a Liberation?

Retirement is considered by many as the ideal time to do what you've always wanted to do. However, is it really a good idea to attempt to go back in time and “do what you should've always done if it wasn't for work”? Isn't this a bit of a negative way to think about life... more

Review of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

A lot of you out there might think that we’ve heard about Think and Grow Rich so much that it might’ve gotten annoying, but the best really has to be called the best – Think and Grow Rich offers a full solution when it comes to having a vision and setting up all the pieces of the... more

10 Books Your Personal Growth Library Should Contain

10 Books Your Personal Growth Library Should Contain If you don't own some of these books, you're missing on some powerful weapons to be successful. A lot of books out there talk about things that are meant to improve your actual company, but the backbone of companies are people, and... more

Retirement – Saying Goodbye to Your Employer

When retirement comes, all kinds of feelings go through our mind and body. For most of us, we stuck to one main company in which we’ve gone through the motions – good, bad and stressful moments at work have all affected our lives at one point or another. In some moments, it can be... more

Budgeting as a Couple – How to Do It

Budgeting as an individual can be relatively easy, especially on the long-term – eventually, you know all your expenses by heart and the machine just keeps on going. However, budgeting as a couple, the shared expenses are much more complicated to control and understand. It's obvious that... more

Retirement – How Early is Early Enough?

When it comes to retirement, you generally have two types of people –  (1) those who will only start planning at the last minute, (2) and then there’s those who can seem to be never putting enough money aside for that critical moment. But how early is early enough when it comes to... more

Productivity Boosters – Which to Use and Which to Avoid?

Productivity is something we all need and crave for, and sometimes we resort to more drastic options in order to enhance it. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the options we have, healthy or not, to make our productivity reach new highs. Should you use them or refrain yourself... more

Productivity – It’s Everyone’s Business!

Being more productive is kind of everyone’s dream. If only we could get more done, we could get everything in second gear – make more money, save money for the future, make that new purchase... it seems like everything almost revolves around productivity these days. Even our personal... more

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