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Business Relationships Through Social Media

Social Media Then

Back when I first used Facebook in 2007, I really doubted that this tool was going to have an impact on how we do business. Well, years later, we can say that this thing is in full speed. Business people around the world are including Facebook in their efforts to reach more customers. At first the strategy in using Facebook was rather simple – have a Facebook page. At some point, only the presence of a company on Facebook would be enough to display its intention to reach its audience directly.


Social Media Now

Asynchronous Business Relationships

When we work a regular day at the office, everything happens all at once and everyone heads home once five o'clock comes around. With the arrival of the web, this has changed significantly and now even regular office workers can bring their laptop home to continue their work or update an ongoing project. You can now head back to the office and see you have missed something during the night as your boss updated something. So now, our business relationships are becoming more and more asynchronous and things are in constant evolution.

How to End a Business Relationship

Ending a business relationship is never easy. We don’t want to put the other person (or an entire group of people) as we put the reasons forward for our departure. As we leave, we must remember that the members of the current team will remain in that environment, as complaining too much might hinder their view of their own work. Chances are you will come across these people again one day or later too, so it’s better to avoid any major discomfort or disruption of the workplace, even if you’re unsatisfied with how things have unfolded.

Managing Short Term Business Relationships

Managing business relationships isn't easy to start with. We have examples of that everyday at the office. This isn't really something. However, with the arrival of the web and the changes in today's job market, people are starting to have to deal with a new type of business relationships – the short-term ones. Usually, when we take on a new job, we don't even think about when it's going to end. The thing could last several years and even presenting the thought to your boss could be seen as selfish and quite negative really.

How to Work Out a Good Business Relationship – Contracts

Contracts are stressful things. More often than not, they dictate how our life is going to be controlled for next couple of days, months or even years. How many times have we hopped into a contract without really considering the long-term consequences, even for something as simple as a cellphone? That’s why when it comes to work, you have to be really careful about anything you put your name on. A contract signed in full awareness and agreement between parties is exactly how to work out a good business relationship.