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One of the best ways to make money online is to build yourself a freelancer profile online. The first reason to go for freelancing would be because those sites are structured very well with good protections in place to find quality work. The main problem with the  "make money online" community is generally not the lack of opportunity, but the occasionally the difficulty in getting paid - sometimes. Some employers online can be flaky and freelancing websites solve that problem by asking that client (or employer if you prefer) to deposit the money they have agreed to pay you into a secured account, often called "Escrow". This guarantees the payment for you to work with peace of mind and make money online with whatever talent or formation you might have.

Where to Go

First of all, you should know about the websites that are available for the purpose of getting you work. The most popular are, and On each of those, you will be able to create a profile outlining your different abilities and your main offer to clients in order to receive proposals from them. You can also go through the listings if you want to in order to find what you're looking for.

How to Find Work

The key to working online is to be transparent about your abilities, specialize yourself in some areas if possible and more importantly, to get plenty of positive feedback. Just like in real-life everyone can oversell themselves in their summary or curriculum, but what previous clients have said about you often doesn't lie. Initially, go up to clients who are willing to hire newbies and accept a few mistakes and you will build yourself a good reputation if you're a respectful hard worker. Still, the key to getting good feedback is to deliver. You're the master of your own schedule when you work online, but you're the one who has to make sure that the result is there no matter how or how long it took you to achieve it. Some employees will be able to accept a few excuses, but the clients are just on their own computer waiting for the result at the end of the day.


To make even more money online this way, you should also take several tests on the platforms of your choice to illustrate your prophenciency on various skills. The more complete and relevant your profile is, the higher your chances to be hired will be. If you ever find yourself messing up or getting interrupted during a test, the platforms can generally give you a second test to prove your skills, just in case the questions that showed up really didn't allow you to shine.

So are you ready to take on perhaps the safest way to make money online? Building yourself an online profile may take a bit of patience before you start to work, but you will end up having much better matches once you have done so in details.

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