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New Strategies for Retirement?

As I recently was reflecting on my retirment plans and fin tuning, I thought about asking a few friends about their thoughts on the subject. For the most part, they talked about investing money and watching it grow, but I somehow thought that retirement planning has many facets and that there was more to it. So, I went on the web and found a few interesting thoughts, which I’m going to share here.

3 ways to retire without a large nest egg

It’s no secret: We Americans can be distracted when it comes to saving money for retirement. The excuses for the lack of savings can range from hard economic times and poor opportunities to good investments that just went south.  For many of us, our retirement nest egg was high jacked by simply just too much crap being marketed to us every day that we feel we want/need to buy!  Whatever the reason, it can be hard to think of saving for the future; after all it’s a long way off.

4 Ways To Survive Retirement During The World’s Financial Crisis

Retirement can be a scary time when you consider the financial crisis going on the world. You are probably worried that you did not save enough money. You might even be mad at yourself for not starting your retirement planning sooner. If retirement is fast approaching, you should not dwell in the past. What you need to do now is work with what you have.

You can start planning right now for retirement. There are some new emerging retirement trends that can really help you survive retirement even on limited means.

Is Retirement Truly a Liberation?

Retirement is considered by many as the ideal time to do what you've always wanted to do. However, is it really a good idea to attempt to go back in time and “do what you should've always done if it wasn't for work”? Isn't this a bit of a negative way to think about life? Should retirement be seen as redemption time? Or is this the sign of too many missed opportunities and a bit of an addiction to excuses?

Retirement – Saying Goodbye to Your Employer

When retirement comes, all kinds of feelings go through our mind and body. For most of us, we stuck to one main company in which we’ve gone through the motions – good, bad and stressful moments at work have all affected our lives at one point or another.

Retirement – How Early is Early Enough?

When it comes to retirement, you generally have two types of people –  (1) those who will only start planning at the last minute, (2) and then there’s those who can seem to be never putting enough money aside for that critical moment. But how early is early enough when it comes to retirement?

5 Fields to Invest Yourself After Retirement

After retirement, the opportunities abound and we have so much time that we often don’t know what new things to invest ourselves in. That’s why we’ve brought together a few suggestions to make things easier for you. Let’s begin!

Stock Market and Financial Analysis

The world of investing and stocks is infinitely complex, and requires a lot of efforts and dedication to have success in. More often than not, our lives are too busy for us to really learn everything necessary, to be successful at investing.

4 Important Things To Know As You Approach Retirement

The time is finally here! After working for over 40 years,your retirement is right around the corner. Before you begin your transition from working every day to sitting back and enjoying life, do you know if you’re prepared for the change? When you are about five years away from retiring, you should know these 4 important things to make sure you have a smooth transition.

1.    Pick A Date

How To Go Into Retirement Wealthy And Wise

Retirement can be the start of a new adventure in your life with a lot of good years still in front of you. You just need to plan for all of your retirement years to make sure you get the most out of them. All of your retirement dreams are possible with careful planning.

A New Perspective On Retirement Planning

The financial industry often portrays retired people with pictures of couples drinking champagne while cruising the sea on a beautiful yacht in the Caribbean. The picture that is actually emerging of retirement is much different. It is time for people to gain a new perspective on retirement planning.